Pension Planning

Sensible pension planning can help facilitate a more profitable and comfortable future retirement. Pension reforms have given us all more freedom in how we use our pension savings. However, this greater choice can mean greater uncertainty over what to do. Retirement income will depend on several major financial decisions ranging from planning a pension many years in advance, to deciding how best to invest accumulated funds both over the years preceding and at the point of retirement.

From April 2016 the government has proposed to introduce a flat rate (single-tier) State Pension. Despite that, the state pension alone is unlikely to provide sufficient income, even for most people’s basic needs, let alone their aspirations. For those that are members of or have benefits from an occupational company pension scheme, a large part of their required retirement income is likely to be generated that way. However, the funds that most people will have available to spend when they choose to stop working will come from their own personal savings. These savings can be made in a variety of different financial products, albeit Personal Pension schemes, especially with the new flexible rules, remain the primary product for such a purpose. Personal Pensions (PP) and Self Invested Personal Pensions (SIPP) are tax incentivised structures that can facilitate both regular savings and capital investment to save for retirement.

As with all investment based products, the right investment choice for pension plans can be critical to obtaining the best potential future returns. Optimum Investment Management, our wealth management service, is available to clients to manage their pension fund investment.

Optimum Investment Management (OIM)

Risk and volatility can be mitigated by investing across all asset types via a range of collective investments such as Unit Trusts or OEIC. The Optimum Investment Management (OIM) service is designed specifically for such a purpose. Diversified and risk rated portfolios are reconciled with a clients individual tolerance and attitude to risk. Portfolios can be incorporated within a pension tax wrapper, thereby giving diversified risk managed investment coupled with efficient retirement planning.


Personalised Pension Planning

Pension planning from Optimum will be specific and bespoke to our clients individual circumstances and will consider their personal financial goals, current retirement provision and preferred investment choices.

Optimum have always provided me with a first class service and I have dealt with them for a number of years and been provided with great mortgage offers and pension plan. I would thoroughly recommend Gary Naylor and his staff as they listen and provide the services you need with professionalism and expertise.Hilary Clarke

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