Since January 2021, via our client satisfaction questionnaire, we have asked every new client that has approached us for financial advice, and existing clients at their review: Based on your experience, how likely is it that you would recommend Optimum to family and friends, if they needed to see a financial adviser? – Since then, 534 clients (many repeatedly at each review) have kindly taken the time to reply, and we are proud to say that of those, 491 have answered ‘without hesitation’, 38 probably’ and 5 ‘possibly’. The testimonials below are additional ‘own words’ comments that some of our clients have also left. 10th June 2024

I was particularly pleased because John explained the products and services in simple, easy to understand language and made sure that I was following what he was saying. He made me feel that he had all the time in the world to help me make decisions and he never rushed me.

Sarah H - 23 May 2024

I have been with Optimum many years now and have had excellent service all the time.

Keith Salter - 22 Apr 2024

My advisor, John Arrowsmith, always takes the time to listen to my requirements, and discuss all the options available. I am kept up to date on all the administration process from the friendly team at Optimum. Thank you all for the advice and professional service you provide.

Jayne Lawton - 15 Apr 2024

Very happy with the way a slight problem I had was dealt with.

John Townley - 11 Apr 2024

Nice to know everything is in safe hands when I have plenty of other things to worry about. thank you

Rosemary G - 10 Apr 2024

Everyone pleasant, considerate, patient and make a pleasant experience.

Wendy Double - 10 Apr 2024

I haven’t got a clue about pensions or investments so I am totally dependent on the recommendations of my advisor.

Christine Beesley - 07 Apr 2024

As always a thoroughly comprehensive review in a professional but relaxed environment.

Claire Marsh - 04 Apr 2024

John is always very professional, knowledgeable and empathetic. I trust his advice and feel valued. The staff are extremely friendly helpful and accommodating.

Susan A - 27 Mar 2024

Having dealt with Gary Naylor and Optimum since early 1980 I have always had prompt attention and advice regarding my personal pension, and have no reservations in recommending Optimum and their team for financial advice.

Michael Spooner - 10 Mar 2024

All the staff involved were very welcoming and helpful. The meeting was well organised and conducted very efficiently in an informative yet friendly manner. All aspects were thoroughly discussed and options and opportunities fully explored. I have every confidence in the capability and guidance being offered. Thanks for the service, especially to Stephen who ensures the meeting is a pleasure and not a chore.

Keith Brown - 02 Mar 2024

We have been using the services provided by the Team at Optimum since November 2012. Had we not been satisfied with the high standard of services provided we would have withdrawn our business. One must be aware that the current World situation does indeed effect our chosen portfolio’s, but the situation is eased due to the constant monitoring that Optimum provides us with continues to reassure us that our chosen investment provider is the right one to suit our requirements.

Phil Stock - 23 Feb 2024

My experience with Optimum over numerous years has very much been one of trust and issues regarding finances very well explained. The service has always been exceptional, whether it be promptly answering the phone or a quick response and reply with reference to any queries.

Philip Twelftree - 22 Feb 2024

A focused and knowledgeable meeting, helpful to my daughter and myself.

Allan Blundell - 15 Feb 2024

It was nice to talk to John and listen to his analysis, although some of what he said was a bit above my head! But overall I am satisfied that your service is excellent.

Colin Grant - 15 Feb 2024

I have always found Optimum to be very helpful and clear in any dealings I have had with them.

Diane Townsend - 14 Feb 2024

Hi, more than pleased with the service you provide thank you.

Robert Townsend - 07 Feb 2023

A good working relationship built up over some years.

David Boyden - 05 Feb 2023

Great service received.

Luigi Iachetta - 05 Feb 2023

Very pleased with the service.

Gennarina Iachetta - 05 Feb 2023

Optimum have always offered balanced and considered advice after full discussion with us . All the Optimum team are extremely friendly and professional and we still maintain full confidence in the financial advice they provide us after 20 years.

Richard Petit - 29 Jan 2024

Services are excellent and, whether it is my advisor or reception, there is good communication and they are always willing to help.

Rosemary Cameron - 23 Jan 2024

We have always had a very good relationship and understanding with our Financial Advisor and staff. Feel very comfortable in their presence.

Jean Hodgkinson - 22 Jan 2024

I would strongly recommend you for your helpfulness and friendliness. And for the assistance you have given us. Thank You

Valerie Cutts - 20 Jan 2024

The service provided has been consistently excellent with a very open and accessible dialogue both ways. Exactly as I would wish it to be.

William E - 19 Jan 2024

We feel we are understood when we ask questions. Our Advisor (Georgina) is friendly, professional, helpful and never too busy to answer any questions that we may have.

Linda Appleton - 05 Jan 2024

Comprehensive, honest and customer focused, would recommend to anyone.

Peter S - 06 Dec 2023

Always feel happy with the service we receive and know that our finances are in very good hands.

Carol Humphrey - 16 Nov 2023

John had a detailed meeting with us and we were happy to take forward his recommendations. I have been very impressed with the professionalism shown by Johns entire team and now hope that the fund performance will be a impressive but fully realize that is beyond Johns direct control. I have and will continue to recommend Optimum to friends and family alike.

Timothy Crookall - 16 Nov 2023

My experience has been positive throughout. The information has always been presented clearly with added verbal explanation that I have found extremely helpful. At no time have I had any doubts about the thoroughness or carefulness of the background research and information collection. And the warm friendly personality has been a great asset.

Susan Liddell - 10 Nov 2023

I’ve been with Optimum for quite a few years now and find them straightforward and clear in making me understand what is happening to my money and the potential future options.

Martin Crocombe - 10 Nov 2023

Have known Gary and Optimum for so many years, with complete trust and faith in the service you offer, which is getting ever rarer these days, in the fast quick buck world we seem to live in now. So keep on doing what you’re doing.

Barry Etheridge - 03 Nov 2023

Rick and the rest of the Team always act in a totally professional manner. Good communication, and good advice woth plenty of follow-up support.

Phil Griffiths - 25 Oct 2023

I am very happy with the service received from all the staff. The service is professional but friendly and tailored to my needs.

Nicola C - 19 Oct 2023

I have always enjoyed an excellent service from John Arrowsmith and the whole team.

Terry Vasey - 18 Oct 2023

I always recommend Rick to clients wherever possible. I have still not been able to ask him a question which he has not been able to answer.

Paul Short - 18 Oct 2023

I have invested with Optimum since 2014, and always receive good service and advice. The annual reviews have naturally been tricky of late for Optimum staff due to the current and recent situation regarding growth opportunities, which I, and Optimum, hope will improve.

Brian Waller - 29 Sep 2023

Excellent service, staff and overall knowledge. Can not fault.

Kevin Cross - 16 Sep 2023

My husband and I have known Rick Patmore for some years and had every confidence in his approach. My husband knew that after his sad death my finances would be in good hands. Rick has been compassionate and understanding in these early months as well as clear in his explanation of what needs attention in the short and long term.

Judith H - 11 Sep 2023

Georgina was very friendly and helpful she knows that I do not want to take too much of a risk but hope fully has advised me correctly.

Jacqueline Baker - 07 Sep 2023

Friendly, helpful & professional, would be my best description of Optimum.

Graham Longman - 01 Sep 2023

We have known Rick Patmore for many years, and have always trusted and valued his knowledge. We will be sorry to lose him as our advisor when he retires.

Barrie Easter - 09 Aug 2023

Always very high standard, Trusted.

Colin Windsor - 07 Aug 2023

Always excellent service and John explains everything in easy to understand advice.

Patricia Windsor - 07 Aug 2023

I have been a client of Optimum many years always have had good advice and service.

Keith Salter - 31 Jul 2023

The team at Optimum are always very well informed, helpful and approachable. Our only wish is that some of the news they give us on our investments is better! World influences mean that returns are lower than we would have liked. For this reason we have decided to increase the risk level in the hope that our returns increase. We have been well informed by Optimum in this regard.

Helen L - 30 Jul 2023

Georgina is always very friendly and Professional. She always explains financial matters in a way I can make sense of. I know I can get in touch with her if I needed to ask any further questions.

Mary M - 20 Jul 2023

I find Mr Biggs very patient and approachable. He works hard to explain things in a simple manner.

Elizabeth Nunn - 18 Jul 2023

Considering the markets at present you are doing the best job that you can, well done.

Hilary Cowlbeck - 17 Jul 2023

It is a shame that, despite Ricks very best efforts, the global financial situation has caused our funds to underperform. It is a blessing to know and understand that, without your positive input, we could have been far worse off. Thanks again!

Martin Stonley - 12 Jul 2023

Excellent service as always.

Peter Claydon - 11 Jul 2023

We have always been very satisfied with the services that were offered. Questions were always answered efficiently.

Audrey Sheldrake - 10 Jul 2023

My experience with Optimum has been very good and I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone else.

Angela Hart - 16 Jun 2023

Superb as always I feel I am treated as a friend.

Stuart Phillips 12 Jun 2023

Always good service and John always has time to explain the plans for the future. It is reassuring to know our money is as safe as it can be in these changing times.

Pauline Scott - 04 Jun 2023

Always a good experience to deal with Optimum. Everyone is helpful and friendly and the service is second to none.

Stephen Lansley - 31 May 2023

Very thorough and efficient and good communication.

Margaret Crossley - 25 May 2023

Excellent service as usual.

Ian Leach - 25 May 2023


Alexandra Leach - 25 May 2023

I am completely satisfied with the service I have received and from all the members of staff in the office.

Michael B - 17 May 2023

I always find your staff helpful and friendly which helps to build confidence regarding investment recommendations.

Michael F - 10 May 2023

Excellent explanations of the current situation and the following advice so decisions could be made with confidence going forward. All questions answered succinctly with facts and figures to support where necessary.

Anne B - 10 May 2023

Personable, approachable and providing value.

Patrick Girling - 28 Apr 2023

Everyone seems very helpful, and any queries are soon sorted.

Jacqueline Appleby - 18 Apr 2023

I would like to thank John Arrowsmith for the patience in explaining my finances to me and making sure that I am very comfortable with any decisions that we agree on. The staff when I have rung up or popped in are friendly and help full as possible. Thank you.

Wendy Double - 13 Apr 2023

Always satisfied with John and his lovely staff.

Diane Edwards - 06 Apr 2023

I can only say that I am completely satisfied with all the dealings with Optimum. On a personal note…John, you and your staff are all lovely.

Diane E - 01 Apr 2023

I found the advice helpful and especially Stephen’s explanation regarding salary sacrifice, very helpful and I have now taken this up with my employer

Karen Page - 28 Mar 2023

Everything is very clearly explained and we are extremely happy with the service we receive.

Stan & Joan P - 23 Mar 2023

I always feel like a valued client and optimum have plenty of time for me.

Stuart Phillips - 21 Mar 2023

Stephen was excellent with the advice he gave me just as he always does every year. Great service.

Marina Bassingthwaighte-Nevard - 20 Mar 2023

Excellent service and always hassle free.

Rob Marsh - 20 Mar 2023

Very satisfactory review. Always a pleasure dealing with Stephen. He explains everything very well giving over great information and advice as usual. Many thanks again Steve.

Terry Webber - 18 Mar 2023

Good interaction.

Simon Pearce - 17 Mar 2023

Georgina has looked after our investment portfolio in an exemplary manner for many years.

Dudley Wright - 07 Mar 2023

Georgina continues to look after our financial environment with impeccable care.

Patricia Wright - 07 Mar 2023

All staff extremely professional, friendly and helpful.

Jessica Westrop - 05 Mar 2023

I have always been more than satisfied with the service which I have been offered and very much value the annual one-to-one meeting as well as the knowledge that I can ring up to ask questions at any time.

Philip Need - 23 Feb 2023

As I mentioned in some recent communications, the way you explain financial issues in very tangible terms has ensured that my wife now takes a real interest in our finances – which is really helpful when we have decisions to make.

Stephen Buttery - 21 Feb 2023

Helpful and thorough.

Trevor Lineham - 14 Feb 2023

I appreciate the relaxed and professional atmosphere and that parking is available for our visit.

Deborah Sykes - 14 Feb 2023

I was very pleased with the friendly and helpful way the meeting was conducted.

Robert Townsend - 05 Feb 2023

I have always had excellent service and advice in my dealings with your company and am happy to continue using your services for the foreseeable future.

Diane Townsend - 03 Feb 2023

I’ve always found John and other members of staff hugely helpful. Thank you.

Philip Porter - 03 Feb 2023

Super team and I get a parking space for the annual meeting!

David Boyden - 02 Feb 2023

Always a pleasure to deal with Optimum. Friendly, efficient, informative and easy to understand.

Susan Allard - 01 Feb 2023

I just feel that the company are interested in me and and my financial future, and are willing to fit in with my needs, especially my technical incompetence…Thank you

Sue Liddell - 27 Jan 2023

Hi John, thanks for the review meeting today – very enlightening, as always. I must say that – before we started meeting with you – Ali actively avoided having anything to do with our finances. But now, because you explain things so clearly (and link everything back to real-world events) and involve her in all of the discussions, she actually ENJOYS managing her finances – so thank you!

Stephen Buttery - 24 Jan 2023

Excellent professional advice. Have recommended colleagues recently to take up very friendly and professional services which Optimum have always offered.

Colin Webb - 20 Jan 2023

Clever recommendation which hadn’t been brought up before, well done.

Hillary Cowlbeck - 16 Jan 2023

I was kept well informed throughout the transfer.

Melvyn Cowlbeck - 16 Jan 2023

Very pleased with the way I was dealt with, a well explained experience from start to finish. Well done.

Brian Wilding - 08 Jan 2023

I have been looked after by Rick Patmore and the Optimum team now for several years and have always received the best, most relevant and professionally informed advice about my needs and circumstances.

John Tusa - 05-01-2023

Professional and efficient.

Jacqueline Downs - 05 Jan 2023

Very helpful advisor and explains things very clearly and succinctly.

William Payton - 03 Jan 2023

John is extremely personable & knowledgeable. We will be investing in the future.

Nicola Mason - 20 Dec 2022

Yes, all very good, thanks.

Alva A - 18 Dec 2022

Have already mentioned you to several of our friends.

Pamela Hoh - 09 Dec 2022

I have known my adviser for many years and we have built up a good working relationship as well as an understanding of our personal situations. I think this is essential for frank discussions about my financial situation going forward.

Anna Withnall - 09 Dec 2022

We enjoy speaking to Georgina about our Finances and future needs. We felt she got the extent of our understanding of financial markets right from the start and therefore was able to communicate to us at a level to suit. We never feel pressured into making any decisions. A lot is based on trust and we felt we could trust Georgina from the start and what she told us about the way Optimum operates.

Sue Huntley - 30 Nov 2022

Optimum provide a friendly, respectful, confidential and totally trustworthy service. They are very knowledgeable in their advice. I feel that I am in very safe hands. They are there to reassure in trying times. Excellent in every aspect. Thank you.

Sue Fleury - 24 Nov 2022

The relationship is professional and personal in equal measure and reflects the authenticity of the approach taken. Could not ask for more.

Steve Enright - 17 Nov 2022

Friendly and very knowledgeable service.

Robin M - 17 Nov 2022

Information is sent out quickly and the whole process is well managed. It was very useful to have an annual review meeting which allowed me to go through the questions I had and talk about future investments.

Elizabeth C - 13 Nov 2022

Have always been very satisfied since we first met Rick Patmore.

Paul & Carol Humphrey - 10 Nov 2022

Very happy with the service we receive and any members of the team we have contact with are always very helpful. Thanks 🙂

John Pickett - 10 Nov 2022

Your experience and professionalism in the investment market is far greater than my own, so it makes sense to fully utilise your services.

Brian Waller - 04 Nov 2022

I feel that Georgina understands perfectly my attitude to risk and investments. I have always found that she explains, very well, the reasons for any change that may be advisable.

Denis Foley - 03 Nov 2022

We always get excellent service from Rick and the Optimum team.

Bernadette S - 28 Oct 2022

Rick has looked after our financial affairs for very many years and we have always felt in very safe hands.

Paul Short - 28 Oct 2022

Very friendly and knowledgeable advisor.

Barry Etheridge - 28 Oct 2022

Always very cogent, patient, and thorough.

Steven McDonough - 27 Oct 2022

Optimum has always provided me with prompt, professional, courteous and effective advice.

John Hopkins - 20 Oct 2022

I have always been very satisfied with the service I receive from Optimum and will continue as a client in the future.

Pamela Butt - 19 Oct 2022

I have had an excellent relationship with John Arrowsmith for many years now and both he and his fellow team members are always kind, courteous and very quick to respond to any question or query.

Terry V - 14 Oct 2022

I look forward to seeing Rick Patmore, he puts my mind at rest financially regarding my future in my twilight years. He is friendly but extremely professional. Thank you.

Wendy Thrower - 14 Sep 2022

I always feel Stephen Biggs is professional in everything he does and listens to us and comes up with solutions. The office staff also keep us up to date with the latest portfolio figures.

David Knights - 08 Sep 2022

John and the team are always friendly, polite, courteous and extremely helpful. I find it difficult really to understand financial matters, and he’s always explained with friendliness and clarity. I always feel safe and that I’m being financially guided in the right direction. I’m very grateful for this.

Angus Dewar - 05 Sep 2022

I find your service excellent your staff polite & well informed & would recommend your service to any friends and colleagues.

Stephen Exall - 17 Aug 2022

My experience was relaxed, very informative and outlined the current state of my investments giving me confidence going forward, especially in these troubled times, and the effect on the world markets.

David Bojko - 16 Aug 2022

Honest, realistic, friendly advice.

Sonia Tankard - 15 Aug 2022

Have known Rick Patmore for several years after being recommended by our Accountant. Have always trusted his advice.

Barrie & Margaret E - 10 Aug 2022

I’m extremely happy with the service. The annual review is invaluable in keeping focus on my savings and retirement plan.

Nick Holliday - 09 Aug 2022

The service provided, remains very good even in these strange times. Over time we have recommended several people both family and friends to Optimum. They all have been very happy with the service provided.

Colin W - 30 Jul 2022

As always a great service. We would have no hesitation, and already have, to recommend Optimum to friends and family. All aspects of our investments are discussed at our annual review and the written report reiterating what was said is very helpful.

Patricia Windsor - 27 Jul 2022

I was very satisfied as always.

Sheila M - 26 Jul 2022

My knowledge of investments pensions etc is, like many people, limited. I appreciate the help and experience of your firm, particularly Rick Patmore who I have known for many years.

Judith Smith - 16 Jul 2022

Excellent and clear communication as always. Everything explained and nothing is too much trouble.

Andrew Baker - 15 Jul 2022

Optimum have always provided us with excellent advice, they have always advised a cautious approach, researched our needs and how the markets have been affected on a global platform. We are very happy with the service that the Optimum team have provided for us.

David Griffiths - 11 Jul 2022

I cannot rate the advice and service I have received from Rick and Optimum highly enough. It is clear that my financial security is their primary concern and they are definitely a very safe pair of hands. Thank you.

Martin Stonley - 07 Jul 2022

It is always a pleasure to see Rick and I would trust him to do the best for my finances at all times. I would have no problem entrusting my last penny to him to look after.

Tracy Stonley - 07 Jul 2022

Have recommended Optimum when the opportunity arose…

Mark Large - 29 Jun 2022

I have total confidence in Optimum.

David King - 24 Jun 2022

Rick Patmore has been my adviser for over 30 years, he was also the company adviser when I was MD of Mercurius UK Ltd. He is without doubt at the very top of his profession and is an absolute asset to Optimum, I don’t know where I would be without him. Additionally the back up from the team in office is also faultless.

Trevor Wright - 22 Jun 2022

Very happy with overall service and communication.

Peter C - 21 Jun 2022

I continue to thank John for his courteous manner, as well as his ability to make me feel comfortable discussing my financial situation.

Ron Firmin - 16 Jun 2022

I think you’re friendly and professional.

Roger Steel - 16 Jun 2022

Always straight forward easy to understand and work through. John always understands our requirements

Pauline Scott - 09 Jun 2022

As usual Optimum has again been extremely professional and understood about my requirements. Optimum is doing a first class job with all the problems the world is going thought at the moment. Thanks to you all at Optimum.

Malcolm Ord - 26 May 2022

Knowledgeable and professional service at all stages.

Nick Vosper - 24 May 2022

A great service tailored to the individual needs of the client. Always easy communication and explanations.

Cheryl Watson - 20 May 2022

John’s provision of excellent information and guidance over the years, has helped us to enjoy our retirement as we feel confident our investments are safe with Optimum. Whenever I call, the telephone is answered quickly or if I leave a message there is a quick response from the team. This year I suddenly needed some advice and although John was on holiday there was no problem as Gary stepped, listened then provided me with the relevant information. In this situation it was reassuring to have a team of people like this with the experience and knowledge to help you.

Pauline Day - 20 May 2022

Excellent all through. Nothing to add!!

Peter Drew - 19 May 2022

All my dealings with Optimum have been handled in a friendly professional manner. This provides confidence and reassurance in our investment making decisions. Thank you.

Michael F - 06 May 2022

I am a cautious investor and as such always worry in the back of my mind that I don’t physically have this money. I am always reassured during my calls of what is happening.

Samantha Taylor - 06 May 2022

Personal interest with professional care.

Robert Ridgewell - 22 Apr 2022

Always friendly helpful and warmly met by all the members of staff, either in person or on the phone. Have always recommended to family & friends. I know I am in safe hands and that means a lot.

Maria E - 21 Apr 2022

The staff at Optimum whether over the phone or via e-mail have always responded very promptly with any queries or organising appointments etcetera. The annual review is very good in catching up with the markets be it good or bad, always explained very well and the report is very thorough including all aspects of items discussed, so much so that the details of the review are so accurate one wonders if a recording was taken of the meeting. Overall as usual excellent service from Optimum IFA.

Philip T - 08 Apr 2022

Georgina provided an excellent review and service. Would strongly recommend to anyone.

Dudley Wright - 07 Apr 2022

Good job done.

Peter S - 06 Apr 2022

Excellent and well informed service as usual, many thanks.

John Townley - 31 Mar 2022

Always respect John’s advice.

David P - 30 Mar 2022

A very professional service with outstanding customer service. I am not confident in managing my finances but I do have the confidence in our advisor.

Anne Price - 30 Mar 2022

Steve understood what we wanted and explained everything in a language my wife and I understand.

Richard C - 28 Mar 2022

The advisor knows his business and is well supported by a great team.

David Boyden - 23 Mar 2022

It was good to deal with an advisor I had known for a number of years. I have a good feeling about my transfer to Optimum.

Michael Blackwell - 23 Mar 2022

Always good, sensible and sound advice from John which is always appreciated but especially so in these financially volatile times.

Francis & Francesca Mead - 18 Mar 2022

Rick Patmore is very open to wide ranging discussions on what my aims & wishes are, gives good sound advice, and is highly professional in all circumstances. I rate him very highly.

Simon Robson - 18 Mar 2022

Always friendly knowledgeable and helpful. Takes time to tailor everything to our needs.

Piers Lambert - 16 Mar 2022

Always nice to speak to John and to receive his good advice!

Francesca Mead - 15 Mar 2022

Since initially contacting Optimum we have been treated with respect and our attitude to investing was explored and it was agreed where the necessary investments would be made. Overall I feel we have had excellent service and at our yearly review our investments were fully discussed. Would certainly recommend and give 5 star review.

Colin Freeman - 11 Mar 2022

I really appreciate the clarity with which everything is presented and explained.

Alison Buttery - 10 Mar 2022

I have always found Rick to be very professional and fully understands our current needs and future requirements.

Finbarr Whelan - 09 Mar 2022

I am very happy with the excellent service I receive from Optimum year after year and can feel confident that my investment is being well looked after. The staff are always helpful and extremely pleasant.

Maureen Parish - 08 Mar 2022

Really happy with everything, keep up the good work guys.

Stuart Phillips - 07 Mar 2022

More than pleased, thank you.

Robert Townsend - 05 Mar 2022

I have always enjoyed a good relationship with you and find that Rick Patmore very personable and most helpful.

Philip Need - 04 Mar 2022

I have been very happy with both the service and the manner in which communication and information is imparted. Overall I have every confidence that my money is well managed and that I am kept informed as and when appropriate.

Keith Brown - 20 Feb 2022

I consider that the service provided by Optimum throughout the years we have been with them has been faultless and we appreciate how much support we have been given to understand our options available and relevant variables; this has been presented to us in full both during meetings and within the follow up reports for our guidance. We do appreciate that the language used is uncomplicated even though the options may be complicated. Everything is explained to is so that we fully understand before making any decisions. We are always treated with courtesy by all the staff and especially our adviser John. Many thanks.

Sue Daniels - 16 Feb 2022

All of the staff are extremely friendly and helpful. My financial advisor explains everything really well and answers any questions that I have in a way that I understand. Thank you.

Christine Brown - 16 Feb 2022

Morning meeting with coffee, but no bacon roll.

Director’s comment: We will look to put this right at your next annual review!

Stephen Daniels - 14 Feb 2022

We have always found Optimum to be thorough, extremely reliable and trustworthy, and the staff are always very friendly and helpful. Over the years we have recommended Optimum to a number of people and will continue to do so.

Andrina W - 14 Feb 2022

Stephen is always very good at presenting the facts allowing good decisions to be made. It is always a pleasure talking and chatting to him. Many thanks again for your excellent service. Terry

Terry Webber - 13 Feb 2022

Very satisfied with the service given and feel happy with the explanations in support.

Ralph & Audrey Sheldrake - 09 Feb 2022

Everyone I have dealt with at Optimum has been friendly and professional and have provided a great service.

Darron N - 09 Feb 2022

I’ve always appreciated the level of service received and will continue to do so in the future.

Neil Cheatle - 08 Feb 2022

I am very happy with the service I receive.

Elizabeth H - 03 Feb 2022

I am very happy with Optimum taking care of my investments. I have full confidence that my money is safe. This is important to me.

Linda H - 01 Feb 2022

Always helpful whoever you speak to and always come back to you as promised.

Jacqueline Downs - 29 Jan 2022

My experience with the services and the people is very reassuring. I feel understood and well advised.

William Enright - 19 Jan 2022

You were recommended to me and I have always been grateful for that recommendation. I’ve been exceedingly happy with my advice and investment performance. Thanks

Nicci Baslington - 12 Jan 2022

Very happy with the service you give me.

Ron Pudney - 12 Jan 2022

Help and advice was great, any worries are explained and put my mind at rest.

Alva Attwood - 11 Jan 2022

Optimum has given my wife and I a decent income over several years. We are more than happy with your services. Thank you.

Ken Miller - 11 Jan 2022

Very helpful and friendly advice given in such a way it could be easily understood and listen to our comments on the way.

Leonard Attwood - 10 Jan 2022

As I have known Gary for many years I have always trusted his advice and will do so in the future.

Glen Seaman - 06 Jan 2022

We have worked with John for a number of years, both professionally and personally, and we are happy to recommend him to both clients and family. John is very approachable and offers sound financial advice in a calm manner. The Optimum team are very efficient and friendly.

Aileen Hirst - 06 Jan 2022

Continuing excellent and personal service.

Francis N - 05 Jan 2022

I’ve always been very content with Optimum staff and services.

Garry Porter - 27 Dec 2021

I look forward to seeing our adviser, knowing he is always honest and up to date.

Margaret E - 23 Dec 2021

Never had a problem from day one. Excellent service and nothing but friendly from all the staff.

Carl Newton - 22 Dec 2021

Nothing further to add, more than satisfied.

Carol Humphrey - 14 Dec 2021

Excellent and professional service as always.

Michael K - 12 Dec 2021

It is good to have face to face meetings to go through my portfolio. At my age computers are good but I still value the personal touch.

John Griffiths - 12 Dec 2021

Definitely rely upon Rick to guide me.

Paul Humphrey - 10 Dec 2021

John’s attention to my personal situation is very reassuring.

Trevor L - 10 Dec 2021

I have been a client of Gary’s since day one when he opened Optimum for business and have always found Gary very honest and knowledgeable in his advice to me. Over time Gary has built a team of very helpful, friendly and knowledgeable staff. May it long continue.

Barry Etheridge - 06 Dec 2021

The main thing that always comes to mind when talking about my investments is trust, I have the upmost trust in the advice and guidance given, that goes a long way in providing me with piece of mind.

Les Bowring - 24 Nov 2021

I have been with Optimum for some time and have always been very satisfied with the advice my advisor has given me.

Pamela B - 19 Nov 2021

We find all our dealing with your company and Stephen Biggs very helpful and friendly and appreciate the care taken with our account.

Ron & Vivienne Dobson - 18 Nov 2021

They are extremely trustworthy and have made my investment earn much more interest than I could have made without them.

Nicola C - 11 Nov 2021

Friendly and professional.

Tim C - 10 Nov 2021

I am truly grateful for your continued advice, it means a lot to me and as I said, I do feel the benefit of the portfolio and on going support, so many thanks again!

Michael C - 10 Nov 2021

All staff have been very friendly and approachable and responded quickly to any queries / actions required. Our financial advisor is also very approachable and knowledgeable and takes time to check our level of understanding. Thank you.

Rachel C - 05 Nov 2021

Highly recommended for all.

Christopher H - 03 Nov 2021

Always feel confident when dealing with Optimum that the level of competence and professionalism is of the highest standard.

Cheryl Watson - 03 Nov 2021

I have known Rick Patmore for over thirty years and he has acted for me for almost as long. Rick saw me for our annual review at an awful time for him personally but that is the service and commitment one gets from him. It is why I never do have any hesitation in recommending him to my clients.

Paul Short - 01 Nov 2021

We continue to be extremely happy with the service provided by Optimum. Many thanks.

Angus Dewar - 18 Oct 2021

I have always been impressed with the service Stephen Biggs offers. He is thorough and explains everything in great detail. He is also open to discussion and I have total confidence in what he advises. The back up administration from the office complements the overall service.

David Knights - 11 Oct 2021

Any contact is quick and easy. John’s knowledge of products is also very good.

Linda Rowntree - 09 Oct 2021

I am very happy with the current level of service and would recommend to anyone.

Peter Spurling - 05 Oct 2021

The service is very good and everybody is always very friendly and approachable.

Hazel E - 04 Oct 2021

All good. No further comments.

Brian W - 04 Oct 2021

I was very pleased with our telephone conversation.

Ivan C - 01 Oct 2021

The service / response and support received is second to none. Fantastic group of people run by a very experienced leadership team.

Alan Holton - 01 Oct 2021

I have been consistently happy with Optimum’s service over many years. The information provided, both oral and written, is always clear and concise and I feel able to ask ‘silly’ questions without fear of being patronised or buried in jargon. The administrative support too is prompt, helpful and accurate.

Frances Sparrow - 28 Sep 2021

I am completely relaxed about my financial affairs because I have complete faith in the service which the members of Optimum provide.

Barri Hopkins - 23 Sep 2021

I have been an Optimum client for many years now and I would not think of changing.

Terence Vasey - 22 Sep 2021

Tosh is excellent, he always responds comprehensively and timeously to any queries I may have.

Gavin Dean - 18 Sep 2021

I fully trust John with my money. He is very friendly and not at all pushy. He understands our goals and advises accordingly. I know I have to pay for Optimum’s services but I feel that it is money well spent. They do all the hard work and I just watch it grow (hopefully!) on my App.

Julie S - 07 Sep 2021

Just a very short note to acknowledge your letter of 12th August and to say how pleased we were with the result of the investment management on our behalf. It was far better than we anticipated. Fingers crossed that things continue in the same way!

Wil & Jane Hammond - 01 Sep 2021

Rick Patmore has been dealing with our finances for many years. Always a pleasure to see him.

Lynne Mason - 30 Aug 2021

I have always found the experience very good and felt extremely happy with the help I have been given when I did not understand everything. Gary has always been easy to work with and I think he has always given sound advice. I wish him well for the future.

Sheila Milham - 27 Aug 2021

As we now no longer live in Colchester and due to the current situation due to Covid all our contact is now over the phone or email. Always prompt in dealing with our questions, polite and knowledgeable. John is always clear and honest with what he suggests we do with our money. Pleased with our returns.

Chris Tyler - 22 Aug 2021

Perhaps some cake as well as coffee at the next review meeting. Otherwise the arrangements were flawless and the banter superlative!

Peter D - 07 Aug 2021

Difficult to talk in the detail we have become used to over the years during much briefer telephone appointments. This is the fault of the pandemic not Optimum.

Clare D - 31 Jul 2021

I am able to talk frankly with my advisors to determine what’s best for me, however the final decision is always mine.

James C - 28 Jul 2021

A very good company to deal with and feel quite safe in their hands.

Will Hopkins - 22 Jul 2021

We have great confidence in our dealings with Optimum, we appreciate the patience with which we are dealt and the support we are given to make decisions. Our attitude to risk taking has been strengthened. We have already recommended Optimum to others!

Alan & Jill James - 10 Jul 2021

The meeting went smoothly and in a friendly way.

Anthony De Fraine - 10 Jul 2021

Feel very reassured that we have our money in a safe portfolio with Optimum. Always there when needed. Can’t recommend highly enough.

Pauline Scott - 07 Jul 2021

Excellent professionalism all round – especially no-nonsense valuable tailored and open advice without trying to continually push/sell other services. Staff and communications always clear and professional.

Guy Peyton - 07 Jul 2021

Rick is extremely knowledgeable, kind and patient and never makes me feel silly if I don’t understand something.

Tracy Stonley - 03 Jul 2021

As an ex financial adviser I am completely satisfied with the service and sound advice that Rick Patmore always gives to my wife and myself. Nothing is ever too much trouble and the office team are always on the ball. Thank you.

Martin Stonley - 02 Jul 2021

Cannot fault the service and advice from Rick Patmore.

T W - 28 Jun 2021

John has been very thorough in reviewing my financial circumstances and offering advice in so many areas including aspects that I had not even considered. Overall I have been very happy with the service provided and am continually finding more areas in which you are able to support me in making the best financial decisions. I am also impressed by the ongoing professionalism and friendliness of everyone within the Optimum team.

A B - 25 Jun 2021

Optimum’s staff have always been polite, helpful, professional and cheerful. Nothing ever seems to be too much trouble for them, their customer service focus is excellent. We have always been provided with excellent advice and service and trust them to continue doing so into the future.

David Griffiths - 25 Jun 2021

We have recommended Optimum to several friends and they like us have been more than satisfied with the service and professionalism that we have received. We feel very confident and happy with how our money is managed.

Patricia Windsor - 25 Jun 2021

All staff have always been helpful and efficient.

Derek Lynch - 24 Jun 2021

Optimum continues to give a first class service. Over time we have recommended Optimum to several friends who also have rated the company as first class.

Colin Windsor - 21 Jun 2021

Everyone with whom I have had contact at Optimum has been very friendly and approachable, as well as being extremely knowledgeable and helpful. I feel that my best interests are at the forefront of all the advice I have received. I have been advised regarding certain financial issues that I never realised I had, which has given me the opportunity to address them myself, where possible. I am more than satisfied with the service I have received.

Kathryn Thompson - 21 Jun 2021

Excellent can’t fault this company, have already recommended family and friends and would continue to do so.

Alexandra Leach - 21 Jun 2021

As per usual Optimum have been extremely professional and understood about all the dealings with my yearly review. We are very happy with the information we have received from you and look forward to our continued partnership. Thank you once again.

Malcolm Ord - 18 Jun 2021

Whoever I speak to at Optimum has always been helpful, friendly, efficient and a pleasure to be in touch with. That is why I recommend them to family and friends.

Maria England - 16 Jun 2021

Always helpful and knowledgeable about the financial markets and able to relate that to my own financial circumstances. Excellent!

Nick Vosper - 10 Jun 2021

I have always received friendly, immediate, and sound advice with extremely efficient administrative follow up from all relevant members of Optimum’s team and have recommended Optimum’s services to all my friends.

Stephen Lansley - 6 Jun 2021

Although my interaction has often been once or twice a year it is always a pleasure speaking to Tosh. He’s able to ask the right questions and I’ve developed a good understanding and confidence with my investments as well as managing my money outside them. I know that when I need more detailed advice and planning as life gets more interesting, Tosh (and Optimum) will be there to help.

Thomas Martlew - 28 May 2021

Always a great experience to communicate with all the staff.

Machel Norman - 26 May 2021

Brilliant service all round. Excellent advice.

Michael Rowe - 21 May 2021

I have total confidence in every way Optimum manages every aspect of my financial affairs and the advice given.

David King - 18 May 2021

Thoroughly professional and objective, but relaxed friendly and informative.

W M - 17 May 2021

Optimum continues to be Very Good, and I personally regard John Arrowsmith as a friend, not just a Financial Advisor.

R B - 17 May 2021

Optimum does what it says on the tin. Excellent advice always given.

Richard Wheatland - 6 May 2021

I am extremely happy with Optimum and would recommend them to anyone. Stephen and Gary are always very quick to answer my questions no matter how large and I value their advice! Sophie is also extremely helpful throughout the process!

Sam Egerton - 21 Apr 2021

As someone with no great financial experience, your advice was easy for me to understand and allowed me to consider how best to manage mum’s financial affairs. I would like to thank you for getting back to me so quickly after my initial enquiry, and for explaining the considerations so well. It really has helped enormously and I would have no hesitation in recommending your services.

M R - 14 Apr 2021

Really pleased with whole service and thanks for all your advice and support.

Sue Daniels - 13 Apr 2021

Stephen, annual review report is brilliantly detailed and really interesting. Thanks so much for your continued diligent support, I never really noticed how carefully the funds and the pension are managed as you go along.

I’m sure there’s other clever things you’re doing, thanks again for your continued careful management of my/our finances.

Anthony Roberts - 08 Apr 2021

Always given sound advice, in language that is understood.

Steve Daniels - 02 Apr 2021

Simply fantastic.

Stuart Phillips - 29 Mar 2021

Have always found the service and advice given by Optimum to be excellent and this year was no different other than the fact that it had to be dealt with remotely due to pandemic. Look forward to continuing my dealings with Optimum in the future.

John Townley - 28 Mar 2021

Very supportive to myself and husband during which is a difficult personal time.

Linda McClure - 27 Mar 2021

Helpful, supportive and professional as ever.

James McClure - 27 Mar 2021

As a new client I have experienced an excellent introduction to the world of financial investment in the stock market. The whole approach from Optimum has been transparent, honest , friendly and responsive. I am grateful for this introduction and look forward to many years of sound and supportive financial advice.

Peter Stern - 20 Mar 2021

We were very pleased to have Rick involved once again. We feel he knows our needs and attitudes pretty well and has helped us make a good transition from long term to retirement financial planning. His skills have maximised our savings and the professional efficiency and approachability of the firm gives us confidence that we are in safe hands.

Judith Hall - 18 Mar 2021

Very pleased with the service and like the approach which provides me with a greater understanding and more confidence. very pleased to have made the move to Optimum.

Lesley Bojko - 17 Mar 2021

All elements of the investments are carefully explained and any questions answered in a considerate manner.

David Bojko - 17 Mar 2021

I am very appreciative of the continued and on-going personal service which i have always received, this gives me confidence and peace of mind concerning my finances. Thank you all so much.

Philip Need - 17 Mar 2021

Am not terribly au fair with stocks snd shares but if I have any queries or need help? This is always immediately available.

Renée Coyne - 15 Mar 2021

Always very professional and staff a pleasure to talk to.

Colin Webb - 8 Mar 2021

Always helpful and understanding.

Patrick Sparkes - 1 Mar 2021

Excellent, personal service and advice, as usual.

Jonathan Wignall - 25 Feb 2021

Thorough and friendly.

Rosemary & Jim Green - 23 Feb 2021

Responsive, understanding and professional.

William Enright - 23 Feb 2021

Very satisfied with the service received from all members of staff.

Robert Townsend - 18 Feb 2021

Optimum have consistently provided excellent service. John has really taken the time to talk through and understand our attitude to investment and has provided gentle but very reasonable ‘challenge’ to some of our less defensible leanings. He has steered us to a mix of investments that gives us what we need – and has managed to keep us comfortable with the process. All the other members of the Optimum team with whom we have had dealings have always been really friendly, helpful and professional. This massively helps to make our dealings with Optimum much more efficient and a lot less stressful. Thanks all!

Stephen Buttery - 9 Feb 2021

Thank you John I very much appreciate your measured and trustworthy advice as always.

Jennie Boyden - 6 Feb 2021

Nice to deal with established business contacts and a team behind them.

David Boyden - 5 Feb 2021

First class, knowledgeable, professional and friendly service. Excellence in every department!

David & Anne Barbour - 20 Jan 2021

I think your service is very good and helpful.

Alva Attwood - 19 Jan 2021

Optimum gave me and my wife peace-of-mind in all matters.

Len Attwood - 19 Jan 2021

I was originally introduced to Optimum by my accountants and immediately trusted John when he told me I didn’t need his services! I recommended Optimum to my parents in law who immediately started to use them for IHT planning and my wife and I started to use Optimum when we retired. We have recommended them to other members of our family and would not hesitate to recommend Optimum to anyone who needs financial advice of any sort. Very friendly and always helpful.

Alan Walmsley - 14 Jan 2021