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The financial regulator, the ‘Financial Conduct Authority’ designates that there are two different types of financial advisers, ‘independent’ and ‘restricted’. The status of an adviser firm will affect the type of advice that is given. A restricted adviser firm can only recommend certain products or product providers, whereas an independent adviser firm, such as Optimum, is able to consider and recommend all types of retail investment products and/or providers that could best meet clients needs and objectives. Optimum Independent Financial Advisers offers genuine unbiased and unrestricted advice.
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Optimum Independent Financial Advisers are based in St Peters Court, Colchester, just outside the town centre. An initial meeting is offered entirely at Optimum's expense and totally without obligation. All client meetings are held in private rooms and free parking is provided directly outside the office. Optimum will provide bespoke advice and solutions for specific financial products or holistic financial planning. Optimum's business ethic is founded on treating customers fairly and building long term client relationships as a result. Regular reviews and updates as part of an ongoing service proposition are available to clients at their discretion.
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The financial world is ever changing, ever evolving, ever challenging. Investment opportunities, pension legislation, taxation, mortgage rates and so much more can vary year on year. This financial evolution is often more than just ongoing irrelevant news, it can affect all our lives. Optimum's raison d'être is to help clients manage these changes on a personal level and to provide appropriate advice when required. The Optimum blog is designed to bring general financial news, topics and opportunities to the attention of our existing and prospective clients.
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After the Love Has Gone

  On the day after LOVE prevails it might seem hard thinking about losing the one you love. Typically, the first thing we try to remember when someone dies is the last interaction we had with him, the last time we saw her face or the last…

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Did You Miss Us?

  So, as an experiment we deliberately decided to take some time out from Social Media. It hasn’t been that long, but the result, though anticipated, has been surprising. Whilst Networking, meeting people in the street and those visiting the office I was asked many times as…

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