As part of our commitment to treating our customers fairly, we would welcome your feed-back on the service that we provided and on the associated advice that we gave you.

We would be very grateful if you could please take a moment to complete our Client Satisfaction Questionnaire which will be used to evaluate and improve the services we provide.

Please rate the thoroughness with which you felt our Adviser went about the process of obtaining sufficient information regarding your personal and financial circumstances, and also establishing your needs, objectives and aspirations, prior to making a recommendation?
Do you feel that you and your Adviser fully discussed your understanding of Investment Risk and that your recorded attitude reconciles with what you feel is appropriate and that which you are comfortable with?
Please rate the quality of our Recommendation Report and whether it was presented in a manner that was easy to follow and provided a clear explanation of why specific recommendations were being made?
Did you feel Optimum’s charges for initial and ongoing advice (if applicable) were fully explained and presented in a clear and transparent manner?
Please rate the thoroughness with which you felt our Adviser went about explaining our ongoing service proposition?
Overall how would you rate your entire dealings with Optimum, including our communications, staff friendliness, adviser knowledge and professionalism?
Based on your experience, how likely is it that you would recommend Optimum to family and friends, if they needed to see a financial adviser?