Wealth Management

Optimum Independent Financial Advisers offers wealth management advice and planning, via our Optimum Investment Management (OIM) service, to individuals, trustees, charities and businesses. All solutions will be specific and bespoke to individual circumstances. Initial recommendations and ongoing reviews will take into account attitude & tolerance to investment risk, asset allocation, investment & fund selection and tax planning.

All tax wrappers such as Pensions (pre & post-retirement), Collective Accounts, ISAs and Investment Bonds can be included within a wealth management service. Specific tax solutions such as Venture Capital Trusts, Enterprise Investment Schemes and Inheritance Tax Planning Solutions can also be considered where appropriate.

Optimum Investment Management (OIM) Service

Optimum recognises that no single fund house has a monopoly on investment expertise, and fund managers from different fund houses demonstrate greater or lesser performance success in alternative asset classes. Consequently our risk-rated portfolios are constructed by utilising a combination of leading edge software technology and our own experience & expertise in order to select fund managers who are demonstrating the greatest success in the various asset classes, and also ensuring that funds meet the high criteria standards that we impose on them.

Our investment team meets on a monthly basis to review portfolio performance, asset allocations, fund selection and investment volatility to ensure portfolios are maintained at an optimum level.

Clients investment portfolios are held safely and individually on a Wrap Platform. By using an investment Wrap Platform, individual clients, holding risk managed diversified investments from a wide range of fund managers, can benefit from the lowest possible fund charges that were previously only available to large institutional investors. Optimum conducts regular due-diligence into the Wrap Platforms that we recommend and our clients can also benefit from lower platform charges that we may be able to negotiate due to the amount of funds we manage on our clients behalf.

OIM Annual Review

All clients are offered an ongoing service that will re-evaluate attitude to risk, maximise tax efficiency and rebalance their personal investment portfolios on an annual basis. Consolidated investment reports are provided at annual reviews. However, a further benefit of holding assets on a Wrap Platform is the facility to offer clients their own online access where they can monitor the ongoing and daily updated value of their entire investment holdings, collectively, at any time they wish to.

Consolidated annual tax reports are also provided to assist clients with their tax returns or to pass on to their accountant.


Personalised Wealth Management

Wealth Management from Optimum will be specific and bespoke to our clients individual circumstances and will consider their investment objectives, tax position and preferred balance between risk and return.

Engaging the services of Optimum Independent Financial Advisers has proved to be an extremely wise decision with our investment plans. They are a diligent and reliable company, ensuring our investments are closely monitored and rebalanced in order to provide a good return. The Annual Review meetings offered to us are beneficial in providing an agreeable clear and concise information / investment package. Phil & Sue Stock

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