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The Essential That You Keep Forgetting


Sometimes the unexpected happens. The savvy ones amongst us protect ourselves when we can. In this instance its Leathers, Gloves, Boots and a Helmet. If you ride a motorcycle you`ll know this stuff isn’t cheap but its protection, so it’s considered essential! You don’t expect to fall off but those precautions and the protection are taken anyway.

What else do we do to protect ourselves in everyday life? An umbrella to protect us from the rain, a coat that keeps us warm if there`s a chill, a seat-belt in a car maybe? There`s lots of things.

We protect ourselves from so many and often very trivial things that might seriously “harm” us or even just spoil our day, so why not protect the things that will certainly do that?

What happens if you have a heart attack, a stroke or you’re told you have cancer?

Its not something any of us want to talk or think about but you probably know someone, know of someone or are close to someone who is going through exactly that scenario.

How different would it be for the sufferer if they knew they were going to receive a cheque that would at least remove some, if not all of their financial burden? Would that help?

Maybe Protection shouldn’t be the thing you never get round to. It shouldn’t be the thing you put off until next year. Maybe it SHOULD be the thing that you investigate as soon as you can.

Protect yourself. Protect your family and give yourself protection while you survive.

If you would like to know more about how protection policies could work for you and your family, please contact our Mortgage & Protection Adviser, Mark Alefounder on 01206 366700 or email him on [email protected]