Investment Planning

Prudent investment planning can help achieve a more profitable return on capital and massively improve tax efficiency, rather than simply holding funds in a deposit based savings account.

Although the idea of investing in real assets to provide for financial security is gaining wider acceptance, for the would-be investor, finding the most appropriate investment can be a daunting prospect. There is a whole range of opportunities open to the investor wishing to generate capital growth or extra income from their capital. Investment options include a plethora of asset types such as stocks and shares, property, gilts and bonds. With each type of investment there will usually be different features, benefits and specific risks involved. Tax efficiency and charges also need to be carefully considered.

Optimum Investment Management (OIM)

Risk and volatility can be mitigated by investing across all asset types via a range of collective investments such as Unit Trusts or OEIC. The Optimum Investment Management (OIM) service is designed specifically for such a purpose. Diversified and risk rated portfolios are reconciled with a clients individual tolerance and attitude to risk. Portfolios can be incorporated within alternative tax wrappers including Individual Savings Accounts (ISA), Collective Accounts (CA) and Investment Bonds (IB), thereby giving diversified risk managed investment coupled with efficient tax planning.

The graph below gives an example of the cumulative growth achieved and volatility experienced on a gross return basis over the last 5years from the risk rated OIM ‘Moderate’ portfolio compared to a direct comparison type portfolio from a high street bank and the FTSE 100 as well as showing the rise in the UK Consumer Prices Index and the Bank of England base rate over the same period.

19 07 2017

Personalised Investment Planning

Investment planning from Optimum will be specific and bespoke to our clients individual circumstances and will consider their personal financial goals, tax position and preferred balance between risk and return.

A truly professional outfit offering sound comprehensible advice. Pleasant, knowledgeable and fair to deal with, I’m confident that my investment is in good hands. Chris Neal

Financially, I have benefitted greatly from Optimum’s financial advice with my general investments and my pensions. Additionally, they have given me peace of mind and despite having many clients, they always treat me as though I am their only client whenever I make contact with them. Stephen Lansley

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