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You Must Gain Control Over Your Money or The Lack of it Will Forever Control You

The number of people looking at a Remortgage is perhaps greater than it is has ever been. It’s the smart, savvy, switched on amongst us that are doing something now with Mortgage rates at such low levels.

Unfortunately, the number of people that could and should be looking at a Remortgage is still much lower than it should be. Doing nothing, waiting or relying on hope is a simple but wholly ineffective strategy. The clock IS ticking and these super low deals are already starting to disappear.


Most people have at some stage taken a mortgage which has an initial benefit period or promotional rate. It could be fixed for 1,2,3,5 or more years, it could be a Tracker or a Discounted rate. In all of these instances, the benefit period ends and when it does you’ll typically move onto the lender’s Standard Variable Rate (SVR). This is almost certainly a far less attractive rate than the one that has just finished and by less attractive we mean MORE EXPENSIVE. What’s more, this SVR rate can be changed at any time so it could get even more expensive.

Now I know what you’re thinking. The Lender will tell me that this is going to happen. The Lender won’t simply allow my current mortgage product to finish and then put me onto a much more expensive rate. Would they?


We see people week in week out who think they are still on a beneficial rate but who are actually on an SVR, moved onto that rate when their product finished. Notification of this change is often buried in a sea of junk mail and often missed. This Standard Variable Rate could be 4.99% or more.

We get used to paying our mortgage, it’s a “bill” that stays on our bank statements month after month and year after year, so much so that we barely acknowledge its existence, it’s just another bill. We might spot the lenders name but that’s it, as long as we are paying that bill (and all the others) that’s all we are worried about. We might even go so far as to thinking that the amount we pay for our mortgage is pretty good.

So many people, if they do take any notice, just look at what they pay. If its £1,000.00 for example they simply equate that sum to something else. Often, they might think that they have got friends or colleagues that pay that in rent every month, so it must be a good rate.


However, what if that £1,000.00 a month is based on you being on a much higher lenders SVR or on a product that isn’t actually very competitive in the current market anymore. What if Remortgaging could reduce your monthly payment, maybe to £750.00, £800.00 or even £900.00.


If you let us review your mortgage you might save money!


Saving money has got to be a good thing, right? Saving £100.00 a month on your mortgage is like having a £100.00 a month pay rise. In today’s employment world that sort of pay rise is rare and I think the majority of us would be delighted to get an extra £100.00 a month in our pay!


Is there a better reason to consider a Remortgage?


Doing so could make a huge difference to your family finances. In times of ever increasing financial pressures, wage restraints and cost increases why not do something simple that could ease those pressures.


So why not contact us today to arrange your FREE Mortgage Consultation and see just how much you could save!




Scientists announced today that they have discovered a cure for apathy. However, they claim no one has shown the slightest interest in it.

Ok that’s a flippant statement, but I bet it is one that everyone can relate to.

The cheapest deals are a thing of the past and although rates that are available remain incredibly competitive they won’t be around for much longer. Despite the upward trend in people looking to get their position reviewed there will undoubtedly be some whose inaction and apathy will see them still miss out.


Don’t be one of those people! You could be saving money, improving the family finances and who knows, it could be the difference that means you being able to afford that family holiday, carry out much needed home improvements or renovations or simply taking some of the pressure off those household finances every month.


Contact us today to arrange your FREE Mortgage Consultation and see what you could save.





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