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Like a Nine Stone Cowboy…

Like a Nine Stone Cowboy…


We’ve all misheard song lyrics before haven’t we. My personal favourite is “just let me staple the vicar” by Sister Sledge.

The thing is, we don’t always know that we are singing the wrong words and it can take years until someone tells us we got it wrong and maybe even longer to stop singing it incorrectly. Lets be honest, once you’ve got something like that in your head its difficult to keep it at bay.

What’s that got to do with finances you might ask?

Well we experience something very similar almost every day. Clients who hear the “wrong words” but accept them as being correct because they don’t see a need to challenge them.

We hear those sentences that might start with the following or something similar..

“My mate down the pub said”

“My Mum and Dad said”

“Someone told me that” And so on.

In essence, “its OK, I’ve already had advice”

By now, I shouldn’t be surprised but I am. Not many people would entrust their broken-down car to a friend with no mechanical qualifications or experience who is perhaps an accountant.

I don’t know anyone who would ask their hairdresser to organise their summer holiday and if you were in need of legal advice, it is unlikely that you would get that from a doctor or tree surgeon.

It does therefore seem odd that people will take financial advice from gardeners, hairdressers, farmers, fireman, carpenters… You get where I’m coming from.

People looking at Investments, Savings, Wealth Creation, Pensions, Mortgages & Protection often take advice from these very people and of course many more. Your financial future is  potentially your greatest expense, partly driven by the advice of unqualified people. People whose advice you probably wouldn’t take for much smaller and less influential aspects of your life.

Chances are, as far as advice is concerned one of your friends has been getting the words wrong and its now stuck in your head too. Don’t wait years to find out, because unlike a song these mistakes can cost you thousands.

A full FREE Financial Review will ensure that the lyrics (advice) you receive is right and tailored for you and your individual circumstance.

So, why not contact one of our advisers today to arrange your free financial health check on 01206 366700.