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Don’t waste any more seconds, invest them


Each day is just 86,400 seconds long. That makes every one of them seem all the more precious don`t you think?

If every second were a £1.00 or even 50 pence we might think differently about how we spend each one.

Moving house, remortgaging or raising equity can take time. If you take it upon yourself to find something, you’re investing your time. Your ever valuable time.

If you’re looking for a mortgage, don’t waste your time struggling to book appointments with a Bank or Building Society in your lunch hour or walking up and down your High Street on a Saturday. All too often you will get nothing for your invested time but frustration.

Don’t wait weeks for your mortgage appointment because you can’t get the time off work to visit the Bank when it’s convenient for them. It`s not easy for both of you to be at your bank for a 2.30 pm appointment on a Thursday afternoon in two weeks’ time is it? That`s if you can get parked and have remembered all of your paperwork of course.

Time is precious and we can help you keep more of it and make the most of the time you spend. We can help you to invest those seconds.

You can start by booking an appointment when it’s convenient for YOU.

You will get access to most lenders from that one meeting and you can let us find the best available. We won’t just access the High Street, we will access everything that’s available for you.

Don’t waste any more seconds, invest them.

Contact our Mortgage & Protection Adviser, Mark Alefounder on 01206 366700 or via email at [email protected] to arrange your appointment today.