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Don’t Define your World in Black & White..

There is so much more hiding amongst the greys!


At first glance things can seem very clear. It can be very easy to decide, it might seem obvious even, or at least that might be our initial thought.


Take the humble button..


You start putting on your coat and realise that there is a button missing. All you need is another button to replace it.



It’s then that you realise it’s not quite that simple..

  • How big has the button got to be?
  • How thick has the button got to be?
  • What colour?
  • What shade?
  • What style?
  • Is it a toggle that you need?


And so, it goes on…


Now, you don’t have to replace the button immediately. It might be in such a place that you can do without it.

It might be the top button or the bottom button. It might not even be noticeable that it is missing once all the others are done up.


It’s unlikely though, that you will use the wrong colour or wrong size etc. In fact, I would be so bold as to say that we would rather be minus one button than to have one wrong button.

So, it’s likely therefore we would do without it rather than have something that does the job but that isn’t quite right.


That is OK for a coat but is it OK for your house purchase, your remortgage, your life cover, your income protection or your critical illness. In fact is it OK for you and your family?

Would it be OK to get in your car, feel that the steering wheel was loose but still drive because it was still in the right place?


In terms of a new mortgage or your protection requirements your bank may well be able to assist. They will offer you the best that they can offer from the limited range of products they have. Potentially you could be getting the best of the worst that’s available.


It’s like going into the shop where you purchased your coat and asking if they had a spare button or whether one had fallen off that they had behind the till. Yes, of course there’s a chance they will have something, but your chances are very slim.

If you went to the factory that made all of the coats and 100’s of other designs and could look through their stock to find the right button, your chances of success will be much improved.


Supermarkets exist for many reasons but why we like them so much is down to choice and price. That’s exactly what you get with us. More to choose from, more lenders vying to lend you money and ultimately a better choice. That’s the same for all of your protection needs too.

If you want the best mortgage, at the best price for your own specific circumstances or the best protection for you or your family for the best price, then contact us for a free discussion.



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