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Did You Miss Us?


So, as an experiment we deliberately decided to take some time out from Social Media. It hasn’t been that long, but the result, though anticipated, has been surprising.

Whilst Networking, meeting people in the street and those visiting the office I was asked many times as to why we haven’t been posting, why there has been no articles or updates on our various pages. We even received emails, direct tweets and Facebook messages as to why we hadn’t posted as we normally do.

Our absence had been noticed by many and some were quick to express concern. Where had we gone?


As a company we have a huge number of loyal clients and every day that number increases. We provide advice across a broad spectrum of financial subjects and are always on hand to answer client enquiries. It’s a responsibility we value immensely and we never take the relationships we have for granted.

In the grand scheme of things your Financial Advisers are of course valuable and important, we have had great feedback on our articles and advice but it’s surprising how quickly such a short period of absence can have an effect and you’re told you are missed.

My parents and probably yours used to say things like “you’ll miss me when I’m gone”. I have a friend who still says, “Will you miss me when I’m gone, or will I be gone when you miss me”? That’s one that has always made me think.


The fact is we probably all take certain things for granted. Nobody likes to think about being unwell, seriously ill, unable to work, breaking a bone, needing medical treatment abroad or in need of an urgent appointment with Doctors or Surgeons and having to wait.

Certainly, most of us don’t want to think about losing a loved one or leaving our family to cope without us, even though we have chosen to keep putting off ways and means of maybe mitigating such a thing.

These are problems that all too often are only considered when they are difficult or impossible to resolve. Too late to make a difference, too late to change anything and leaving you nothing but feelings of if only.


It’s strange however that other aspects of our lives are viewed so differently. If your car or washing machine starts to make a strange noise many of us will immediately think the worst and worry about having to buy a new machine or taking the car to be looked at where it will inevitably have to be expensively repaired. Just hearing that strange sound is enough to send the mind racing.

Regarding the washing machine you might have a warranty in place or paid for additional cover in case something like this happened of course. That you might plan for.

So why is it so different when it comes to ourselves and our own wellbeing. Is it that we believe it won’t happen to us, that it’s something we just haven’t got around to or something else?


Did you know, in 2015 there were 359,960 new cases of Cancer in the UK. (Cancer Research UK). There probably isn’t an office, a workplace, a street or a family that hasn’t been “touched” by cancer in some way over the last 12 months. If that touch, that conversation, that feeling, or experience was a sound or noise not normally heard in your washing machine, car, vacuum cleaner, microwave, dishwasher, oven or the like I am confident, like that above, you would be considering the impact, the cost and the general problems this might cause were the noise to continue. At this point you might even be considering the replacement under your worst-case thinking.

Why is it then that the warning noises, experiences, health issues etc about your own health, your own well being and keeping you running and operating are ignored? You are essentially the machine that produces the fuel (income) that keeps you and your family running. What if that machine breaks?


Some Statistics from Aviva

On an average working day;

  • 15 customers will contact Aviva to tell them they (or their family member) has been diagnosed with a Critical Illness
  • Approximately 3 customers will contact Aviva every week because their child has been diagnosed with a critical illness
  • 2 customers will contact Aviva because they have been diagnosed with a terminal illness and expect to have a life expectancy of less than 12 months

Aviva paid out £870 million pounds to protect UK families in 2016.


Protection can be tailored to suit your individual needs and circumstances.

You can get protection that gives you global treatment, second opinions from over 50,000 qualified doctors worldwide, fracture cover and even protection that covers your children and much more.

Protect yourself, protect your family and protect your future!



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